Just Chillin

Okay so I will admit that I have never been really big on seeing ultrasound pictures. It always seemed like you had no idea what you were really looking at. Is that an arm or a leg? Who knows. But look at this picture!!! You can totally tell that is a little baby just chillin with his/her legs all stretched out their arm in front of their face and relaxing. I love it! Anyway so here is our baby, isn't he/she cute?!


  1. looks just like mom and dad! ;) congrats again!

  2. so amazing! congratulations! Please send me an invite to your shower whenever it is! So happy for you!

  3. Wow! I love your picture up top, that is so beautiful. I have some of my kids in there but they are trying to "shake town the leaves in the garden of eden". That's what they said, oh boy! I love seeing this picture. We are so happy for you guys!


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