Misconceptions about Parenting

We've all been there right? We are totally convinced that something is possible, or quite impossible, only to attempt it and realize it is the complete opposite. This happened to me again today. I've been wanting to give Emmett reading lessons (lasting about 15-20 minutes daily) but I've been overwhelmed with the idea that I have to find that chunk of time, uninterrupted, during the day to spend with just Emmett. Even 5 minutes uninterrupted seems like an amazing feat to be attempted. As with most things in life, it is usually best just to jump in and try it. So I did. 

Today we did our 6th reading lesson. Right before beginning I was trying to think of what to do with Adalyn, should I let her watch a show? Give her the IPad? Get her to play in her room? Hudson is napping and Benton is at school so they are easy. But instead I just started the lesson. Adalyn pulled up a chair and watched the whole time. She even practiced saying some of the words right along with Emmett. WHAT? I've seriously been waiting months to start these lessons because I thought it would be too hard to do with other kids around. In fact the first lesson we did Benton sat at the table reading books and Hudson sat on the floor playing. So it IS possible even with all 4 kids right there. My preconception was obviously a misconception. 

This got me thinking about how many other times as a parent I've let my preconceptions prevent me from attempting something. And unfortunately I've thought of quiet a few. Namely "My kids can't clean the bathroom (picturing cleaning it as I would)" only to realize that they CAN take a baby wipe and clean the counter and toilet seat. "They can't do a load of laundry start to finish" but they CAN put the clothes in the basket and take it to the washing machine. Next they CAN learn how to put the clothes and soap in and start the machine. With help they CAN switch the loads and pull them out. And in another year or two they CAN fold. 

I used to think that taking all four of my kids swimming by myself sounded like torture of the worst kind. Mainly because I would drive myself crazy looking for each of them since NONE of them can swim by themselves yet. But I desperately want them to be confident in the water, and finding time each week when Dallin can go with us is honestly not an option, so I tried it. The three older kids wear life vests and swim all over the shallow (up to 4 feet) pool. We last about an hour, and after just a few times going the kids are so comfortable in the water. Next I want to teach them how to swim. 

If we start thinking about it, I'm sure we can all think of some preconceptions that have prevented us from attempting something. Sure, our preconceptions are there for a reason. We take our current set of experiences and form what we think is an honest possibility of what might happen, and we might be right. But we might be wrong. So the questions is how much do you really want it? I REALLY want to teach Emmett to read. I REALLY want need my children to help out around the house. I REALLY want my kids to be comfortable and confident in the water. So for me, these things are worth attempting. And if I try and fail miserably, well then I'll do it differently next time. Or there won't be a next time. And that's okay.

You never know what you can do until you try. So I'm going to TRY. Next attempt, exercising with my kids around... stay tuned for that disastrous update.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I can totally relate, sometimes things go much better than you expected, and vice versa. You give me courage to keep trying those hard things, thanks!


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