Benton turns 7

Benton woke up today excited about being 7! As always we start off the day by opening gifts from the family that have been set up on the table. This year he only asked for a Minecraft shirt and a new beta fish.

This year Benton decided to go to Pietro's Pizza for his birthday. I gave him the option and he picked pizza and laser tag with one friend over a birthday party at home. I think I'll give the kids this choice every year, it was so much easier!

Benton invited his friend Ethan from school and we had a great time! Everyone loved the pizza, because pizza is delicious!

After dinner we played some arcade games. Benton hit the jackpot which he thought was perfect for his birthday. Dallin, Benton, and Ethan played laser tag while the younger kiddos rode the virtual reality ride.

We left later than we anticipated, but we had such a great night! Happy birthday to my 7 year old Benton!


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