Our little baby is now an avocado! Already 4 1/2 inches from head to rump. Really? How can something that big be inside of me and I can't feel it? I guess I will be feeling it soon enough, and then it will kick me in the ribs and I will wish I didn't feel it as much as I will. Well one thing is for sure, out little baby is getting bigger and our anticipation and excitement of having the baby is growing. This is so fun!


  1. You will feel it soon enough!! And then you will wish it would stop and let you sleep and not bruise your ribs so much, and kick your bladder.. Ha, good times. But it is fun and exciting! I'm excited to see you guys this week!!

  2. Yay Baby! I am so excited for both you and Tonya! Babies, babies, babies, babies!!!!!!


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