Dad and Kris's Barn Reception

The happy couple celebrated their marriage with lots of friends and family on the 26th. The party was held in a barn and was quite casual as you can tell. Yes the bride is wearing a leather vest and later sported chaps. It was a great party and we all had lots of fun.

Take a look at their cake! It fit them so perfectly. At the top the road turns to gold as they ride off on their motorcycle. I like that she is wearing a veil. And oh did the cake taste so good!

I love the way they decorated. Flowers in cowboy boots! What a cute idea!

Told you about the chaps...

We had a lot of fun being there and enjoying family time.

Guess the flash was a little bright on this one...

Off they went and lived happily ever after.


  1. That has got to the be the coolest cake and decorations, I love it. Thanks for coming the other night, we enjoy hanging out with you guys and look forward to another fun evening sometime. Are you still working? I need to cash in that massage sometime, if you are still feeling up to it.


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