Our First Thankgiving

I haven't been much of a blogger lately... as you may have noticed. It seemed like there was so much to blog about when we were first married and then of course about the baby. But then all of a sudden there was nothing to say. So I have been stuck not writing anything for a while. So in an attempt to begin again I will share this picture on "our" first Thanksgiving.
Dallin and I headed over to my sister Tricia's house for Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family. It was wonderful. We ate a lot and sat around talking for a couple of hours. It was so relaxing. But Dallin and I wanted to have our own little Thanksgiving so on Saturday I made my first turkey, and it actually turned out tasting good! Dallin made amazing homemade rolls that were gone in a day, and we enjoyed our own little feast. Here you can see Dallin with his plate of yummyness!

I promise that I will blog more... With Christmas coming and then the baby soon I should have more to blog about. We will see.


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