Our Little Christmas

Shortly after Thanksgiving we started putting up some Christmas decorations. And I will say, I love Christmas decorations! I inherited 3 totes of Christmas stuff and feel so blessed to start off our first Christmas together with so many items! (and without having to spend a dime...yet:) Here is a picture of our little village.

We have a little 3 foot Christmas tree this year, perfect for an apartment! And yes it is only half decorated... didn't get that far I guess.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We will be heading to Utah to visit family tomorrow, it will be great to see everyone there. Enjoy your holidays!


  1. great job on the blogging Christy, I have such a hard time keeping up with mine....kinda like writing in my journal...:)

  2. There is just something so special about "first's".

    Happy New Year to you guys.


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