Baby's Room - Project 2 - Reupholstering

We have many projects going on in this house and I am assuming that won't stop until the baby gets here. Until that happens I will keep posting the different items that we work on to put in the baby's room. The bedding (project 1) is coming along well and I will be posting about that in the next day or two. Now for project 2, a great woman in our ward gave us a glider that she wasn't using anymore. How nice of her huh!? We were so grateful for it! When she offered it to us she mentioned that it might need to be reupholstered because of a tear in the top cushion and a few stains on the ottoman. Of course that would be no problem, we were seriously just so excited about getting a glider! I of course forgot to take a before picture, but it was about the same color. So here is our after picture of the newest addition to our baby's room!

I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time in this glider... good thing it is SO comfortable :)


  1. How nice! I'm sure that will become a favorite spot to be with the baby in your arms.


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