On Friday Dallin and I headed up to Seattle to met up with his parents and two sisters for the day. His family was up there for a few days while his Dad was attending a conference for work. Since they were so close we just had to head up and see them!

First we headed down to the Space Needle observation deck. It was such a beautiful clear day! That doesn't happen very often in Seattle in February so we were very lucky.

Dallin's sister Jenny is a great photographer (check out her website) and she was taking hundreds of photos when we were with them... which is perhaps why we completely forgot to take pictures with our camera. So we have NO pictures with any of Dallin's family. They were there I promise. We need to get better and taking pictures I guess :)

Here is a belly shot!

Later that day we headed over to Pike's Place Market and then ate dinner at Ivar's, the food was so good! Thanks Wheeler's for letting us come and join you for a day in Seattle! It was great to see you!


  1. How fun! I love Seattle. Christy you look so cute, with your baby belly.


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