Waldron Wedding

On March 23rd Brent and Janessa became Mr. and Mrs. Waldron. I was happy to be a part of their special day by doing their flowers. It has been a while since I have done a wedding so it was really great to be able to work with them again. Like I mentioned before, I was able to help with more than just the flowers. It was so great to have the opportunity to create things that I otherwise wouldn't since I don't really have a need for them. It pushed me to open my eyes and just be creative. So here are a few (a few, ha! I should say a ton) of pictures from that day. I am fully aware that most people will just look at the pictures so I will say that the overall look of the wedding was vintage, we used a lot of burlap and lace. I loved the combination of the two.

Let's start with the entrance to the reception. There were 6 hooks outside with some fresh flowers on them as you were walking up to the door.

 photo IMG_4509_zps7ffa1354.jpg

Melody, the bride's mother, used large white pitchers all around the room as vases, they were adorable and pretty easy to design in too. The W is a wooden letter covered in burlap, I loved it and almost kept it for myself! Haha, I guess I can always just make another one right?

 photo IMG_4503_2_zps7e3bc848.jpg

 photo IMG_4499_2_zps535c7d1a.jpg

Inside the room we had a few signs on the food tables and on the walls. For the food tables I covered a number 10 can in burlap and lace, filled it with cement and stuck the sign in it. So easy! Adding some flowers to them to made them look even nicer. Unfortunately by the time I had two minutes to snap some pictures of inside the reception the lights had been dimmed so they are a little dark. I used some photos at the end of this post that someone else took when the lights were on that are lighter.

 photo burlaptins_2_zps63f0b9da.jpg

This cake is so sweet. I love it. We added some little pink spray roses and wax flower to keep the simple beauty of it.

 photo IMG_4468_2_zpsf69d51e1.jpg

Here are a few more arrangements we placed around the room. I never counted how many there were but I am thinking it was something like 25. We had flowers everywhere! It made the room smell so lovely.

 photo arragements_2_zpsd5c8987f.jpg

For the arrangements around the room we used white and blue flowers. On the tables they decided to use white with a little touch of pink. Each table had 7-8 vases of varying styles and sizes. Some vases were blue, some were wrapped in lace, burlap, burlap and lace, blue burlap, or jute. We also used a little white pitcher one each table. Every centerpiece was a little different. There were 12 tables in the room, which meant there were about 90 vases on the tables.

 photo table_zps5f1a99ec.jpg

For the tables we used white tablecloths and added a burlap runner. Melody had the idea of placing the lace on top to soften the feel so I picked up three different kinds and cut them the width of the runner. The result was exactly what we were looking for.

We wanted to do something new and special for the backdrop behind the Bride and Groom. They made an adorable swing to hang at the end of the room so we needed something to surround that. Janessa loves baby's breath. I mean loves it! So Melody and I came up with this idea.

 photo swing_zpsf7dbef81.jpg
Photo compliments of Allison Waldron

The flower girls wore a wreath made of baby's breath and wax flower. They were so sweet. And I love that all the boys were wearing suspenders with bow ties!

 photo flowergirls_zpsac3b655f.jpg
Photo compliments of Allison Waldron

They enlarged pictures of Brent and Janessa and placed them all over the room. Then they tied them with teal ribbon. It was such a great way to fill those gym walls and incorporate the right color using the ribbon. On the chair back they tied burlap and ribbon alternating each chair. Then we added a little tuft of baby's breath in the bow.
 photo collage_zps7d292c58.jpg
Photo compliments of Allison Waldron

This little love bird sign is probably my favorite. Melody came up with the saying since they had little birds all over the room. So cute!

 photo collage2_zpsa37f394f.jpg
Photo compliments of Allison Waldron

Do you recognize those favors? Jasmine, Janessa's twin sister, came to Reana's shower back in February and loved them. They were the perfect color and everything. Jasmine was kind enough to come and help me make them. We made a pretty good team!

Janessa looked stunning in this beautiful lace dress. For the bridal bouquet we used white flowers with a touch of pink. She wanted in wrapped in lace and tied with jute.

 photo bride_zps6032cda8.jpg
Photo compliments of Allison Waldron

For the bridesmaids we used blue and white flowers and went for a hand tied look.

 photo bridesmaids_zps74619e8f.jpg
Photo compliments of Allison Waldron

You made it to the end of the post, I bet you thought it would never end. I can't say enough how fun this wedding was. Dallin and I have been talking and I think I'm going to start doing the flowers for  weddings. It would probably be best to wait until my kids are older to do them often, but until then I hope to do some here and there. Marti, the owner of the flower shop I first worked at, helped me make the boutineers for this wedding. I had never worked with stephanotis before so she offered to teach me. I invited her to the wedding to see my work and she liked my work. In fact she asked me to take over her shop while she goes on vacation and to help with holidays. So until I get to arrange another wedding I will be getting my flower fix helping her.


  1. I loved looking at all these pictures! You really are so talented! The church gym looked completely transformed. Nice work Christy!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You did a great job, Christy!! You've got an amazing talent! You couldn't even tell it was in a church gym!!!


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