Emmett at 19 months

Since we had a post about Benton, we should spend a little time talking about Emmett too. He is such a sweet little guy. He has always been such a joy in our family. He laughs a lot, gets excited about new things, and plays well with Benton. Ever since we took his binkie away he does have one or two crying spells during the day. They are quite sad, but he is learning to work through them. 

 photo IMG_6446_zpsb9673336.jpg

Emmett has some pretty impressive expressions. Especially his "wow" face. It makes me smile every time. He is learning more words though his favorites are Daddy, puppy, and apple. He says them about 100 times a day. Every couple of days he will say a new words or two. His latest are stop "bop", help me "elme" and juice "uice".

 photo IMG_6447_zps78fda3d4.jpg

He definitely tries to be like his big brother, but is also happy to be his own person. He likes to play with lots of the same toys but he likes tow trucks, airplanes and animals more than Benton ever did. And Benton likes tools more. But really they would both be happy to play with anything.

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He wants to be a big kid and has refused to sit in the high chair for months now. It means that every meal is a mess, but at least he is happy. He feeds himself pretty well with a spoon or a fork, but if all else fails his hands work great.

 photo IMG_6465_zps08e2ba1e.jpg

We have several nicknames for Emmett, we call him Memmett, Mitt, Memmanator, and Eater McEaterson. Sometimes I wonder at what we come up with. But this little boy can eat like its no ones business. He has out eaten Benton for months now. He always loves grapes, apples, chicken nuggets, fruit snacks, and veggies dipped in ranch.

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His favorite thing to do is read books. He loves them! He will bring me books during the day to read and wants to sit on my lap. It is getting harder for him to do that these days, he keeps trying to scoot in closer, but my tummy sticks out too much now. He makes me laugh how to tries pushing closer.

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Each time we put him to sleep we sing I am a Child of God and he loves to lay his head on our shoulder. It is so sweet. I love the little snuggles he gives and we soak them up anytime he gives them.

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We love our little Emmett.


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