Little Miss 3 Months

This little girl is three months old today. I swear she gets cuter everyday. But then again, I am her Mom so of course I would think that! But seriously, this is cuteness at it's best.

 photo IMG_8642_zps456142c9.jpg

Adalyn is pretty good at holding her head up these days. She is also becoming more alert and interactive during her awake hours. She doesn't mind laying down on the ground to wiggle for a little while, in fact I think she really likes it. She really likes to kick her legs and move her arms.

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She has started talking more lately and it is so cute! I love her little voice. She definitely responds to you when you talk to her. She lights up and smiles and talks back. Her favorite noise to make is the little screech you make when breathing air in, like a squeal. Does that even make sense? If you do it she will do it back.

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She is sleeping pretty good these days. She likes to go to sleep between 7 and 8 at night and she'll usually wake up about 30 minutes after first falling asleep but will go right back down. She has been sleeping for 6-8 hours straight after that, so I'm feeling great! I hope this sticks around. She also takes 3-4 naps during the day. Usually two shorter naps in the morning and a 3-4 hour one in the afternoon followed by a little one around dinner time. I feel like she sleeps a lot! But if she's happy, then sleep away. Adalyn likes to sleep on her tummy, she sleeps much longer if she does. And she will happily fall asleep by herself if you lay her down and give her the binkie. That really makes a difference when it comes to having 3 kids. If I had to spend the 20-45 minutes it often took to get Benton to sleep we would have major issues here!

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She still feels little to me, but I know she has grown a lot. She has to be at least 12 pounds now, which is crazy to think that she has almost doubled her weight. She is still wearing some 0-3 months sized clothes but for the most part she's in 3-6 months. The shirt she is wearing is 6-12 months. I don't know how she can be wearing 6-12 months and 0-3 months at the same time, but she is. Whatever, she'll do what she wants. 

 photo IMG_8726_zpseee40005.jpg

Adalyn won't take a bottle... which isn't great but I don't really need to leave her very often so it's okay. She also isn't the biggest fan of the van. She does okay when we go on errands in the late morning, but sometimes she just cries the whole time. It is quite sad really.

 photo IMG_8743_zpsc475955c.jpg

This little one loves her brothers. She can sit and look at them for a long time. Benton will sit and play with her for 15 minutes and she will be happy as can be smiling and cooing at him. I love seeing my kids interact with each other and show love for each other.

 photo IMG_8748_zps430a79d2.jpg

When Adalyn gets upset, she likes to be swaddled and held close. I wouldn't say she likes to be swaddled often, but it is the best way to calm her and keep her calm if she gets worked up. For the most part she is a very sweet, content baby but she has her moments.

 photo IMG_8757_zps2771df8b.jpg

I love my three littles. I love that they like to be together and take pictures together. I love that I get to stay at home with them everyday, even when it is hard. Their smiles and laughter make my heart happy and I'm so glad that our family will be together forever.


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