Oma's Big Surprise

My parents decided that they didn't want to me called Grandma and Grandpa, so instead they went by Pa and Nandy. My oldest niece, Tabiatha, was the one who made up the word Nandy and it kind of stuck. After my mom passed and my Dad married Kris, she started being called Oma by the grandkids. This year Oma turned 60 and we all wanted to make it something special.

Tonya, Tricia, and I put everything together and my Dad kept her out of the house. She was so surprised! Here are a few pictures.

 photo e6753b42-b1c6-4eea-b99c-290311c56890_zps1c1c7f44.jpg

 photo IMG_8796_zpscbb8154d.jpg

We had lots of great food. There were spinach artichoke tarts, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, bread with a cheese spread, cookies, deviled eggs, chips and salsa, and more. I ate everything, twice :)

 photo IMG_8799_zpsc2f5d8a7.jpg

These chocolate covered oreos were my favorite! yummm

 photo IMG_8806_zps64c2cfc2.jpg

 photo IMG_8809_zps7a06417b.jpg

 photo IMG_8811_zpsa5f0ba73.jpg

 photo IMG_8813_zps9945650f.jpg

 photo IMG_8814_zps6c83ded3.jpg

Happy Birthday Oma, we hope it was a great one.


  1. It looks like you did an excellent job! Way to go girls!! Phyllis


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