10 Months

Time goes by so fast! Adalyn is 10 months old and growing so much. She is walking along furniture all the time. She pushes the train and walker around the house and will walk holding your hands. She can be sitting down and stand straight up without holding onto anything. She'll even stand there for a minute or two, but she won't take a step! She is doing great and taking her time. When she stands up she loves to pick up things, big things. She'll pick up something as big and she is and stand with it. I'm so impressed with her balancing.

Adalyn is eating baby food like a champ. She has added bread, aebleskivers, shredded cheese, and crackers to her diet. She bats her hands at everything else. She doesn't like bananas, green beans, or eggs.

She laughs all the time. She sometimes makes herself laugh. She smiles a million times a day and loves it when you smile back. She plays great with toys and loves to be around people. Her favorite thing by far is to climb. She gets out of everything! Half the battle of feeding her is to do it quickly enough before she escapes. She climbs out of buckles at an impressive speed. High Chairs, Shopping carts, Strollers, you name it she can twist her little body right out of it. She also loves step stools, ladders, stairs, or even totes and boxes if it means she can climb on them. This is going to be fun.

 photo 2014-11-08132959_zpsef0e253a.jpg

She is such a fun baby. I love having a little girl. I love how the boys treat her. And I love how much she loves her brothers. They are all so cute together.


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