Adalyn is One!

This sweet little sister celebrated her first birthday today. She woke up to songs and birthday kisses. Benton was the most excited about it. He jumped out of bed to say Happy Birthday to her. What a great big brother! While Benton was at preschool we played and prepared for Adalyn's party that evening. After a nice nap we went outside to play. Adalyn just loved it!

 photo IMG_2604_zpsd1wpwbmw.jpg

We haven't gone outside much this winter. It is cold and often rainy, and up until a short while ago Adalyn was crawling. It just wasn't a good mix. But now it is easier for her to play!

 photo IMG_2611_zpsauxvafnc.jpg

I love this picture of Emmett smiling as he first learns how to petal.

 photo IMG_2617_zpsxmulwxch.jpg

Benton was loving zooming around everywhere. I barely caught him for this picture. A few minutes later we headed out back and Adalyn loved it!! She found lots of dirt to play in. I just love that she loves to play outside and get dirty just like her brothers. I can see many fun, dirty days ahead.

 photo IMG_2622_zpsx1wsjafa.jpg

After a nice bath we got ready for her little party with pink cupcakes.

 photo IMG_2626_zpsvhybmnql.jpg

Adalyn wasn't too sure about her cake.

 photo IMG_2637_zpsgvwqa2yf.jpg

She spent a few minutes poking at it.

 photo IMG_2651_zpsowqqrdlx.jpg

Finally she tasted some of the frosting, and was done. No cake for her!

 photo IMG_2662_zpspbs5h4sj.jpg

Adalyn knew just what to do with wrapped gifts. She patiently opened each gift.

 photo IMG_2680_zpstnoxprpf.jpg

While all the other kids weren't so patient. They all really wanted to help. It was really cute. She loved having the kids around her.

 photo IMG_2684_zpskyjn770o.jpg

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. We love you!

 photo IMG_2704_zpsvvv4i0us.jpg


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