I love it when kids start saying funny things. Whether it's at an unexpected moment, or you had no idea they knew that, or maybe it's just children's innocent logic. Emmett has some awesome things to say and sometimes I actually write them down. Here are a few he has said lately.

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I was crawling on the floor chasing the kids and I got a hole in my knee. I said, "I ripped my pants!" Emmett replied matter-of-factly, "You ripped your pants but you didn't die."

Emmett- What's this?
Mom- It's Daddy's
E-He left it at our house?
M- This is Daddy's house too.
E- No this is mommy's house (as he waves his hand around the room says) and it's so beautiful. 
M- Daddy lives here too.
E- Oooohhh, now I get it. 

He often says Oh, now I get it. Cracks me up every time. 

While playing good guys and bad guys with Benton he said, "I'm a BAD guy! And I throw cups in the air! (said while throwing a sippy cup) I mean Sippy cups!


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