Car Seat Shots

Why are they crying? Let me tell you. Adalyn seems to know the days that I pick up Benton from school. She always takes little naps on the days that someone drops Benton off and she takes long naps when I need to pick him up. I end up needing to wake her up to go get him. She cries for 20 minutes and is cranky for at least another hour. Boo to no school buses!

 photo 2016-01-21 14.30.53_zpsgqjhmbvc.jpg

Emmett cried for 15 minutes because we went to a park to have a picnic with friends on the first sunny day in weeks. But don't be fooled, he loved it.

 photo 2016-02-08 12.03.16_zpshvgpzyqw.jpg


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