Diggin' for Gold

On the side of our house we have a large dirt pile that is prime real estate for worms. the kids get their shovels and dig in the dirt all the time. They get completely dirty and love every minute of it. Sometimes they bury treasures in it so that they can find prizes while digging. Today they set their sights on worms. And sometimes when you are digging for worms, you must sample the mud. Or at least for some reason Adalyn thinks so.

 photo 2016-02-15 16.50.35_zpsndv1elzj.jpg

Here I tried to get a picture of them finding the worms, when I looked at the picture later I noticed Adalyn licking, LICKING, the shovel. Or I guess we should call in a giant spoon. Hopefully she grows out of this.

 photo 2016-02-15 16.54.01_zps3fpufjqm.jpg


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