Family Pictures

Today was family picture time! Everyone spent the morning getting ready before we headed over to a nice park to try and catch pictures of everyone before the kids lost it. In the end I'd say it was a success. It is so nice to have updated pictures of everyone. Here are a few of our favorites from today.

 photo IMG_7341_zpslkcxmvhi.jpg

 photo IMG_7323_zpsxjvggfei.jpg

 photo IMG_7389_zpsdxkplfwy.jpg

 photo IMG_7653_zpstpvwrxvm.jpg

 photo IMG_7414_zpssej4lnqd.jpg

 photo IMG_7430_zpsfepc5l0p.jpg photo IMG_7464_zpsgprhjwbh.jpg

 photo IMG_7517_zps8jvydla0.jpg
 photo IMG_7489_zps8tpynkmj.jpg


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