Bird Houses for Earth Day

This was the first year that the kids were excited about Earth Day. Benton had a few ideas that we could do to celebrate, one of them being building bird houses. Since we ran out of time to make one on Saturday we decided it would be the perfect Family Home Evening activity.

Dallin drew up some plans and the kids voted on what style they wanted to make. After voting we got to work. Dallin and the boys did most of it, while Adalyn played and Hudson and I took trips around the cul de sac on the tricycle.

After sawing, gluing, nailing it together, and cutting a hole it was ready. The boys loved making it, and everyone loves the end result. We can't wait to get some bird seed and see what kind of birds it attracts.

My favorite quote during the building process was from Emmett. He said,  "Don't nail your hand like mom did." Good advice kid.


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