General Conference Beach Day

Who cares what the weather is like, we are heading to the beach! Today we packed everyone up and hit the road. We turned on conference in the van and enjoyed listening to it while we drove out to see Stacey. We have found that sometimes you can get more out of conference while driving with little kids, than while at home watching with little kids. They are buckled and can't go  anywhere!

But seriously, it is nice to listen on the beautiful drive to the beach. We headed for Stacey's house and had a little indoor picnic before heading over to Indian beach to play for a bit. Sure, it drizzled almost the entire time. But who cares about that when you're soaking wet? We could have tried to avoid it, but really it was inevitable. The kids got soaked and they loved it.

Benton went it the water the most, he stayed in until the very last second until we had to head out. We got everyone cleaned up and warm in their seats with just enough time to listen time the afternoon session during the drive home. I'm not sure how long it will last, or if it will continue to work, but General Conference Beach Day sounds like a good tradition to me.


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