6 Months


I can hardly believe that 6 months ago this sweet little baby entered out lives, it feels like just yesterday!

He has grown {and grown and grown} into a beautiful 6 month old and we have enjoyed every day we have had with him. 

Benton turning 6 months old has really hit me, he is not a little baby anymore. He can do so many things these days. We love seeing him learn and try new things. It has also made Dallin and I realize that we are able to do more. It is so easy to get in the habit of thinking that you have a little baby and can't do a lot. But really now we can. He can last more than 20 minutes on a walk in his stroller, he can go more that 3 hours without HAVING to eat, he can, we can and so we will. The beach is not too far anymore, and hiking sounds like fun. Date nights sounds amazing, and play dates can be done. {whoops, guess I've been reading lots of little kids rhyming books :) } 

So what I am saying is that we will be going out and doing more and we are excited about it. 

But back to Benton, we went to the doctor and had his check up. His stats...

19 pounds 1 ounce 75th percentile

I think the last time they measured him they included his hair or something because they said he only grew 1/4 on an inch, and I know he grew more! So now he is really

27 1/4 inches 75th percentile

The doctor said that he looked perfect, could a mom be happier? I am just glad that he is so healthy.


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