Look what I can do

{more pictures to be added soon}

Now that I am getting bigger I can roll over and over
all the way to Dad's computer so I can slobber all over it!

I can eat lots of food like yams, summer squash, oatmeal, sweet potato and I get to try avocado today.
This is what I look like when Dad feeds me

I can lay on the floor and entertain myself for a lot longer now, probably because I can get to the things I want now

When I try really hard I can sit up, for a few minutes! Especially if I have a toy to play with.

I love it when Dad sings 99 bottles on milk on the wall to me

I love to be read books, especially when I can touch them too!

My favorite part of a toy is the tag

I want whatever you have in your hand to be put into my mouth, and if you don't have anything in your hand, I want your hand in my mouth

The doctor told me I was a motivated mover...

I am super ticklish, even is you pretend to tickle me I laugh
{wonder where he got that from}

I love talking slobbering on the phone

I have a crush on every brunette I see, I just have to smile at them
I love it when daddy comes home from work, even if I cam crying when he gets home I stop and smile at him

I like swinging

I like eating my socks

Hey, I even like eating grass

I smile at mom when she sings to me

I laugh at anything when I am about to fall asleep

I don't like getting dressed, but once I am I get to eat my clothes

I put my arms out when I want you to pick me up

I am a bouncer. I bounce all the time. It is great fun. You just try to hold on to me, I will bounce out of your lap if you don't!

When you take me out on a walk I just sit still and look around, there is so much to see

I like my Mom and Dad, and they sure like me!


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