8 Months

Another month has past and Benton keeps reminding me that he is getting older and learning a lot!

He is finally 20 pounds, something that I was expecting to happen a few months ago

Benton loves "swimming" across hard wood floors and has crawling down great on carpet, he can and does go anywhere he wants to

When he doesn't want to eat whatever food you are offering him he puckers up his lips as tight as possible and growls

Just in the past few days he has starting standing up all the time! He climbs up on anything and stands for a while

He is sleeping pretty well these days, and we are all happy about that

He does, however, want to eat whatever you are eating

Some of his favorite toys at the moment are cell phones, whatever is in your hand, paper, and his singing book

He STILL hates getting his diaper changed and getting dressed, you would think after doing it several times a day his whole life he would get used to it, but no

He likes to kick his shoes off in the store so you have to walk around everywhere looking for it... ok maybe he doesn't do it on purpose

Benton LOVES people. If you smile at him you are his new best friend.

He likes other babies, and all he wants to do is touch them

He touches everyone's face and will grab your nose if you aren't careful

Pretty much he is doing great and learning a lot, we have been working on signing and I think he gets some of it. We love every day we have with him. Thanks Benton for being our cute little boy!


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