Mitten model

Remember this post when I redid Benton's Halloween outfit into a sweater? Well I finally got around to making the mittens out of the extra material. It got really cold all of a sudden and Benton's hands could really use some mittens!

I drew an outline of his hand and gave it some extra wiggle room and here they are.

What? You can't really see them? How about here?

Still not really? Well it is hard enough to get them on his little hands and get a picture before he crawls too close to the camera so it took a few shots to get one so you can actually see the mittens themselves. This one is a little better.

He was having fun getting his picture taken

And crawling to get me the camera. Finally here is a good one of one of them. But wasn't it fun seeing so many pictures of cute Benton?

I think they will work, they at least stayed on his hands during the whole picture taking process, that is a good sign! Now he will have warm little hands.

Oh and since I was sewing I worked on this dress I found at Goodwill for a whole $1.34. Yep, cheap huh? I liked the colors but I knew right when I saw it that it would be too big and too short. But what if I made it into a skirt...

So that is exactly what I did. And it was SUPER easy. All I did was cut it just above the bust line, add some elastic for the waist band and it was done!

It is SO hard for me to find skirts/dresses that are long enough, does anyone else have this problem? Actually lately I have had a really hard time finding any skirts or dresses. Where do you get yours? I am in desperate need of new church clothes (for the past year really). So any help on where to find some new stuff would be much appreciated.


  1. The creativity... it's killing me!

    Most of my skirts come from Banana, also like Ann Taylor loft.

  2. Good job on the mittens and the skirt. I usually get my dresses at Ross but lately they haven't had anything worth buying so I have been making stuff too! And with that cheap of a dress to make it from you are golden! Keep it up :)

  3. Wow, you're so crafty. I love the shirt you turned into a skirt. IT's super cute! I ditto the Ross comment, sometimes they have really cute skirts and dresses. I'd check Marshall's and Kohl's too.

  4. Those are the cutest little mittens!

  5. so cute! your crafts, your baby, YOU!!! Look a Down East while in Utah, they'll have something long and cute!!!


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