Sippy Cup Dilema

Alright my wonderful readers, I am in need of some advice here. Not long ago we took Benton off of bottles completely. He has done great without them. The only problem is since then I have struggled to get him to drink enough. I read something online about it taking a few days for them to realize that sippy cups are where they get their milk (or drink) from now so I kept expecting him to catch on. For a while it seemed like he did. 

But then this past week it has been so hard to get him to drink anything. When he used a bottle and sippy cups he would drink about 16-20 ounces of milk, 12 ounces of water, and then some juice every day. Now a good day is 4 ounces of milk and 8 ounces of water. I know he is not getting enough liquid but I don't know how to get it into his little body. 

I don't want to make a big deal of it, especially to him because that is never a good idea. So I have just been trying new ways to see if he will be interested. Here is a little list of things that I have tried to get him to drink

We would go on a walk in the morning with crackers and a sippy cup and he would usually drink 6 ounces. Now he doesn't touch it.

He likes to drink out of big people glasses, but he only gets about one ounce that way

I try to make sure that a sippy cup of water is available at any time especially while he is eating or riding in the car. 
He will drink a full sippy of juice (watered down) or chocolate milk but I don't really like to give that to him when he hasn't had enough water. So the I have stopped them completely the last few days in hopes to get him to drink water.

The best thing so far is a camelbak. Wow he loved that. But the novelty of it will wear off after about a day. 

And of course I have tried several different sippy cups. I haven't bought any special ones to get him to drink more yet but I am ready to. I just have a few different kinds already. He doesn't seem to prefer any specific type. What do I do? t is way to hot outside for him to be drinking as little as he is. Have any of you had this problem? Is there anything that gets your child to drink more? I can use any advice here. It would be great if I could find a way to double (or triple) what he is drinking. Thanks!


  1. Well Sophie started on sippy cups pretty early but she still can only really drink out of particular ones. She does really well with the soft topped ones and also, if he thinks drinking from the camel pack is fun she might like the straw ones. Sophie gets suck a kick from drinking from a straw. We got hers at walmart, the straw is connected to the lid and is flexible at the top, I am sure they have them at other stores though.

  2. So I just tried to post a comment and it was super long then it didn't post. :) Just my luck. But basically I just recommended Watermelon. Fruits and veggies are how I probably got most of my fluid needs as a kid. Also Sadie really likes the capri suns. She likes the straw thing and they do have the mostly water ones. Just some ideas.

  3. I had that problem with Shadow for a while and what I eventually did was give her some flavored water. I would give her some of my vitamin water mixed with regular water (about half and half). It might work for Benton too.

  4. All 3 of my kids have gone through this and I'm going through it with Kelston now. I think as long as you keep offering it they will eventually get the hang of it. Some things I've done are 1) try to feed them foods with lots of liquids in it so you know they're getting some and 2)we put a sippy cup of water in the crib with our kids because sometimes they think they're too busy to drink, but when they're trying to go to sleep there's not much else they'll do to keep busy, so they'll drink. Drinking out of a straw is always fun for them too.


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