The Mansion they call Pittock

The fourth of July was such a lovely day, we thought it deserved to have a picnic. We packed up the kids and headed to Pittock Mansion, a place we hadn't visited for 3 years. It was also the place that we took out engagement photos, we like it there. The grounds are so lovely; I loved the variety of flowers and plants in the gardens. But really, all we want to see are pictures of the kids having fun so here are some.


You know Benton must have had fun by how dirty his face was.


My three cute boys!


My eyes might be half closed in this one, or maybe just half open.


We had a great time having our little picnic up at Pittock Mansion, next time we might even go inside...


  1. I love that second picture, what a squish-baby he is!!!

    I'm jealous that you have three cute boys. I hope my next is a boy.


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