WFB Lawn Mower

Remember a little while ago when I said I would start writing things that Benton says? Yes, I called them Words from Benton aka WFB. Here is a good one. 

One day while Dallin was outside using the lawnmower Benton asked what he was doing. I told him he was mowing the lawn. From that moment on he stopped calling it a lawnmower and started calling it a mower lawn. Except it doesn't quite come out so clear, it ends up coming out more lawn. And because he is two and his words sometimes mesh together it sounds like he is saying moron. The best part is we will be driving down the street and he will say, "Look mommy, a moron!" Dallin and I laugh every time.


  1. That's too funny! Just hope he doesn't say it while someone who's mowing their lawn is listening. ;)


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