The Big 10

Emmett has reached the double digits everyone! He is 10 months old today. It is hard to believe that he is so big, I mean he should still be my little baby. But alas, they grow up which I guess I prefer. Emmett's personality has really blossomed lately. Can you say blossomed for a boy? Hum, I will anyway. He has decided that baby food is okay now, nice timing. He has also decided that he REALLY loves daddy. As soon as he sees Dallin walk in the door his face lights up and he practically leaps out of my arms to get to him. If Dallin is around Emmett wants to be around him. I guess it is a good thing that Dallin is gone all day otherwise I would never see my baby. Well, it isn't quite that bad but Emmett sure loves his daddy!


Emmett also loves Benton. He wants to be around him all day. Benton is sick today and so I have been trying to keep Emmett away from him in hopes to not share, but if I put Emmett down he tries to get to Benton. He can't wait for Benton to feel better! I am looking forward to Emmett growing a little more so they can really play together. I can see them being great friends, most of the time that is.

I think Emmett is a little more patient than Benton, which will be great as they get older. When Benton gets an idea in his head, it has to be that way. Emmett seems to be a little more easy going. I notice that when they do play together Emmett seems to be okay with Benton's finicky ways. Perhaps this will change as Emmett grows, but I hope not. As of now they seem to work well together.


One of my nicknames for Emmett is snuggle bug, and rightfully so. He loves to snuggle. It is so sweet. When he sees a soft blanket he crawls to it and snuggles his little head on it. He just loves soft blankets. 

Emmett is also pretty silly. He loves to laugh, but doesn't give his giggles away freely. You must deserve them. Benton seems to always deserve them (when he is trying to make him laugh), and Dallin often too. I can get him to laugh but it takes work. It is worth it though, because hearing that little giggle and seeing that cute face makes my heart melt.


Both of my boys absolutely love water. They could play in the bath tub all day! Since Benton is sick, and Emmett is teething (two upper teeth coming soon!) they have been having a lot of baths the past few days. No one is complaining.


Emmett is pretty great. We just love him.


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