Hagg Lake

A few weekends ago we headed out to Hagg Lake for a picnic. Dallin was going to go boating with the young men in our ward but they ended up not needed another adult, so we just went anyway. The kiddos loved playing in the water and having their picnic. It was something that we wouldn't normally plan on doing so we were really glad that we did because we all had a great time.

 photo 20130713_115526_zps2dd017ef.jpg

 photo 20130713_115600_zpsbd7db27e.jpg

We later met up with the other group and they ended up taking us out on the boat. Benton got to ride on the inner tube and had a great time. Dallin and I may have starting thinking about a boat in our future... Or maybe just a jet ski. It probably won't be for many years but it sure would be fun!


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