Instagram Update

I am sure that things are getting out of order here. I am so behind on our family blogging, but I figure any post if good at this point. So here are the latest Instagram pictures.

 photo IMG_20130705_142448_zps01ee6dbe.jpg

And so it begins...

 photo IMG_20130708_163118_zps43ccdce7.jpg

Ice Cream!

 photo IMG_20130708_163438_zps32729499.jpg

Have I mentioned his nickname is mess? We say it lovingly, but truthfully.

 photo IMG_20130718_163707_zpsf1caf337.jpg

This boy is the happiest when holding the water hose. And subsequently the saddest when it gets turned off.

 photo IMG_20130722_161305_zps2f21faf2.jpg

Guess what this means...

 photo IMG_20130722_204648_zps9993fead.jpg

You guessed right! Baby Wheeler #3 arriving in January.


  1. Wow, congrats!! Way to jump on the ward pregnancy bandwagon :o). Hope you're feeling well!


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