Salty Boot

Every year the kids pick their party theme. Their ideas can get pretty crazy sometimes. This year Benton wanted a Chihuahua Nerf gun party. Um, What?! I knew I wasn't up for the challenge this year. I mean seriously the fact that he is getting a party at all is a miracle. So I told him he had to come up with an easier theme, he picked pirate. Yes! I can do that. Especially when Target had a whole pirate party set ready. Benton invited his friends, and had a great party!

We started off giving all the kids a pirate name right when they walked in, here is Hudson showing off his name, Salty Boot.

 photo IMG_7112_zpswe8mcmuk.jpg

The kids pick two numbers and that gave them their name. We also had Hook Leg, Captain Eye, Smelly Leg, and Benton was Big Patch.

 photo IMG_7109_zpsjw11vudx.jpg

After pizza and snacks the kids went on a treasure hunt and they all earned their eye patch!

 photo IMG_7119_zpseflwvxfn.jpg

It was a great party, Benton loved spending the afternoon with his friends!

 photo IMG_7134_zpsuzfdoo4u.jpg


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