The Yellow House

Three weeks with Daddy home from work? Yes, we'll take it! Dallin took three weeks of the eights weeks that Intel gives for bonding leave so we could travel to Utah and meet up with his family. The week that everyone is getting together, is the week after our spring break so we decided to head down to Utah during our spring break and enjoy a little family time before meeting up with everyone else. We rented a house in Salt Laky City, right next to the capital, for a few nights and our kids lovingly dubbed it "The Yellow House"

 photo 2016-03-24 09.28.07_zpsqk5vbpj4.jpg

It had a basement bedroom for the boys to sleep in and a little tiny desk built into a small closet for Benton to admire. He now wants one of his own. One of my favorite things about this house is that it has a Keurig with a stockpile of hot chocolate. We drank a lot of hot chocolate. Also this little boy is an angel. We laid him down on the bed while getting unpacked in the house, and came back to find him asleep. Seriously, babies do that? Love him.

 photo 2016-03-24 08.40.25_zpsg0kggw2r.jpg

We really enjoyed the fact that it was only a few minutes downhill walk to Temple Square.And got a nice little workout with the uphill hike back home.

 photo IMG_7182_zpsgv5coc4u.jpg

After exploring the beautiful Temple grounds we headed over to some of the visitor centers to learn more about the history. It was a nice morning spent together.

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