Saturday in the Yard

Saturday was a great day!

It didn't rain all day, which is a big deal here lately. I can't believe all the rain!

So we {Dallin and Marcos} finished our garden bed! It will be so nice to have a garden this year. We have already started the seeds inside and we will plant them in 2 weeks or so.


They even took out a tree that was growing too close to the fence. It is so nice to start and finish some of the projects that we want to do with the house.

Dallin and Marcos spent all day outside in the yard while Tonya and I stayed inside with the babies. It was a great Saturday!

I am in the middle of taking pictures of the house so we can see the progress we are making. Here are a few that I took of our backyard.



Oh Did I mention that Benton LOVES being outside? He can be crying or cranky but if you take him outside he goes silent and just looks all around. Good thing we have a backyard for him to play in when he gets a little older!

More photos of the house to come...


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