Last night while I was feeding the baby in his room I heard Benton turn on the faucet in the nearby bathroom. This is his new favorite thing. He washes his hands, brushes his teeth, and who knows what else. All I know is that for once he was quite and leaving the baby and I alone so he could fall asleep. After another minute or two I heard some splashing. Hummm... This conversation then took place. 
"Benton, are you playing in the toilet?"
"Benton stop, that is gross, we don't play in the toilet!"
Then it hits me, "Benton, are you playing with your toothbrush in the toilet?"
"Eeeww Benton that is gross don't put your toothbrush in the toilet! Don't put that toothbrush in your mouth please."
He then walks into the room with the toothbrush in his mouth and says, "Icky mommy, new one."
"Yes Benton that is icky and you do need a new one."
Awesome Benton


  1. Bahaha! "....Yes" That's my favorite part of this story! I hardly know Benton and he still cracks me up!

    Paul is finding the toilet and plunger so fascinating lately. I can't keep him away from them!

  2. Yes my (almost) one year old finds the bathroom fascinating. We have to keep the door shut. Somehow she knows when it's open and makes a beeline for either the dog's water or the toilet. It's amazing what kids find fun or interesting.

  3. Haha, and somehow they survive!

  4. Boys will be boys! Just wait it has only started. Atleast you know his immunity system has a good workout coming.


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