Round 2

Are you ready for round 2? Here is the rest of the instagram update. Then we will be back to normal posts starting next week. There's a lot coming your way!

 photo IMG_1308_zpsac63f621.jpg

After entirely too long we have two reupholstered chairs! #3yearproject #patienthubby #onlystapedmyfingeronce

 photo IMG_1320_zps97c8f014.jpg

After throwing a colossal fit about the pool not having "enough" water I sent him inside to calm down, this is what I found a few minutes later.

 photo IMG_1355_zps7dc84c33.jpg

Emmett was flying the airplane around and saying vroooooom. So. Cute.

 photo IMG_1386_zps57a60b0b.jpg

My own little Superwhy Wyatt. #bestcerealboxever

 photo IMG_1424_zps62ef4eab.jpg



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