100 Summer Activities

Summer is here! We didn't want to let it slip away without doing some of our favorite activities and of course trying some new ones. So Benton and I sat down and thought of 100 things we wanted to do before the end of summer. So I may have come up with most of them, but he approved them! I wanted to keep most of them pretty simple, we want to ENJOY summer not be overwhelmed and crazy busy. You will find have a popsicle, go to a new park, and have a slurpee on the list, along with some bigger activities like go camping and drive to Grandma's.

 photo 2014-06-23162254_zps728c425f.jpg

So far it has been great. It gives us ideas of little things that we can do if we happen to have a free hour (or even less!). I feel like we are embracing summer and all the fun things that come with it. The boys are loving it too! We decided to take a picture of each activity and at the end of the summer we'll make a little book. Here are the first activities that we've done.

1| See a show at the Library
We went and saw Charlie Brown the clown. The boys loved it.

 photo 2014-06-25102658_zpsdd3c1adf.jpg

2| Eat Doughnuts
Benton had the genius idea of heading downstairs after Charlie Brown and eating doughnuts at the library. He remembers what's on the list! Who would forget "eat doughnuts"?

 photo 2014-06-25105412_zpsf6cf8735.jpg

3| Tape Race Car Track
This was fun. We kept it up all day and played with it several times.

 photo 2014-06-27110705_zps69da7220.jpg

4| Have A Race
I absolutely love this picture of my three guys ready to go! If you didn't know, Benton LOVES to race. He would be happy to always race.

 photo IMG_0131_zps5749d3f8.jpg

4 Activities down, 96 to go!


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