Friday Friday

Hello Friends. It is Friday. What have I done today?

Not much.

I cleaned my house two days ago so that it would be ready for when the baby comes, the only problem with that is two days later it needs to be cleaned again... so I did some laundry and little things like that.

I have been working on updating this blog. I wanted a new one for when the baby comes, and my plan was to change it all at once when he was here and put pictures of him up at the same time. But then I realized that it would be better if it were done now and I would have to think about it again later.

When Dallin comes home from work we are going to Costco so we can walk around (it is raining) and see if we can get this baby to come any sooner.

That is my day, not much to it. Just waiting.

What did you do today?


  1. Hi Christy,

    Good thinking about changing the blog, you'll be glad! Today Adam and Jason have t-ball, we have some yard work and house work, errands to run, and lessons to plan for Sunday, and a science project for Anna to start. Sound fun?! I hope you enjoyed your walk around Costco!
    I remember so vividly those last few days of waiting for Anna to come. Those little babies come when they want! Linda's kept me up to date a little bit so that's been fun. I hope he doesn't keep you waiting too much longer! I find if I stay busy, get out and do something fun, then it's easier and I don't think about it as much. You probably know that! Okay, well, good luck. We are thinking of you guys!

  2. Hey Christy. The weekends are often my catch up on laundry, errands, grocery shopping, etc. days. It's life right? I'm soo excited to see pictures of your little one! Congrats! I hope that we'll have a baby soon too!


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