Well still no baby...

So I have had to find different things to keep my busy. This morning my friend Brandy and her daughter asked to go on a walk. That was really fun! Any extra walking I can do is great, and how much better is it when done with a friend!

Today I finally finished this little project that I have been working on. I love jewelry. I love to wear all different kinds of jewelry. But since we have moved into this apartment everything has stayed in a box. I pretty much only wear one necklace (my favorite one that Dallin gave me for Valentine's Day last year) but I think it is time to switch things up a bit.

The only problem with this is with everything in a box I don't remember what I have! So I needed to come up with something that would have all my options in front of my eyes. This is what I came up with...


I put just a few pieces on it to see how I liked it, and I think it will do the job. Yay! Now the only question is, what will I wear tomorrow?

P.S. After I posted this and Dallin saw it he asked if I intentionally made it look like a face... I looked at it again and laughed super hard. No, it wasn't my intention, it just ended up that way. But I really needed that laugh, so thanks :)


  1. I love the project & the fact that Dallin saw a face, I always do that to, see faces in things. Too Funny!

    Hope that little guy comes soon.


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