GaGa and a sleep update

I can't go to Target

I can't go to Home Depot

I can't go to the grocery store, especially not the deli counter

I can't go to Rite Aid, Costco, the Doctor's office or even Vital Records

Benton, I don't think I have ever been able to leave this house without everyone going GaGa over you! They go crazy over your hair, your cute chubby cheeks, your smile or your sweet sleeping face. I have never had so many strangers talk to me in my life! But I guess if I saw a baby as cute as you I would have to say something too. I mean when you look this cute...


I am just saying I don't blame them!

And since this lovely photo is of Benton sleeping, let's talk about that for a minute. Now that we have been doing his nightly routine for a couple of days I can report on his progress. We start his routine every night around 6:30-7 and he is in bed by 7:30-8ish. The amount of times that he wakes up at night changes but it seems to be getting better, last night he only woke up once. And he doesn't really wake up until 7am. Yay!

Now that nights are going well and pretty consistent we really need to work on days. Every day is different. One day he will take a few little (20 min) naps and one good 2 hour nap. Then the next day he will sleep 5-6 hours straight and still take other naps. I don't get it. Is this normal? I understand that getting a daily nap schedule usually isn't formed for a little while longer, but I figured that he would be sleeping about the same amounts everyday by now. What is/was your nap experience with a 2.5/3 month old?

And just to end on a cute note



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