4 months

Today Benton is 4 months old

Wow the time flies

We went to the doctor today and she said that he looked great! That is always good news. So here are his current stats

17lbs 10 oz

26 inches long

95th percentile... that's my boy!

After the shots {sad} he wasn't very happy so I didn't get any photos of him today. I will take some tomorrow {with the frog} and post them then.

However by evening time he was happier and Dallin played peek-a-boo with him. This was his reaction

Super cute huh! I love his laugh. It brightens my day. And I thought this second video was hilarious! He would laugh and look at me but see the camera & was confused, it was super funny! He waited until I laughed to continue laughing. So funny!

Well I hope that brightens your day too!


  1. You look like quite the party planner Christy!!! Thanks for the videos, my kids all loved seeing them and laughing along with Benton!


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