And so it begins

Last week I turned on my sewing machine for the first time since Benton was born.

I forgot how much I love using it! I love to sew. Especially on my new sewing table that Dallin got me for my birthday. It makes it so much easier.

At first I just wanted to finish that bag for bags but once I got started I just kept going!

Now I can't go at the same pace as before, baby only sleeps so long. But I have made a few other little things and have many projects planned

I saw one of these on a blog and thought I would try one, it was super easy!


Does Benton like it?




He loves to grab all the tags and there is crinkle paper inside so it makes noise too.

I have been meaning to make these burp clothes ever since I got home from Utah (can I just say that the little quilt shop in little Ephraim, Utah has a way better selection of fabric than our super store JoAnns) So I finally whipped them up and am looking forward to getting some barf on them (and not on my clothes)



Next I want to finish a baby quilt I started at Christmas and make a hide and seek bag. Do you have any fun sewing projects you want to start/finish?


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