B is for Benton


Benton is growing up so fast and learning so many new things. He is just so much fun and everyday I love him more. I looked over some of the posts from when he was first born and there were things that I have already forgotten! That is why I love to blog. I jot down all the little things he does and I will always have the posts along with photos to remember them.

So let me tell you a little bit about Benton

-You have learned how to stick your tongue out and often do when you smile

-You smile at everyone that smiles at you... except for Marcos, for some reason you cry when he smiles at you. lol. (you used to LOVE him, it will come back again)

-You don't like it when Mommy puts your feet in the fountain


-But you even look cute when you are crying


- You DO love your bath, you shake your whole body to splash the water

-You also love the swimming pool, after a minute or two

-You have decided that you don't like to eat when you are awake, it is as if you have better things to do. You make Mommy wait until you are almost completely asleep or have been asleep for an hour to eat. You even went almost 8 hours during the day twice! Which also means that you waited that long to sleep...


-Speaking of sleep, you have decided that you don't like falling asleep... until Mommy realized {tonight} that you still like to be swaddled in a blanket. Now you don't mind it

-You love being outside, we take you on lots of walks because of it

-As discovered tonight, you like the lawnmower

-When you get mad you take it out on your face

This was done AFTER I cut and filed his nails... and I love how he almost looks guilty in this photo.

-You love it when I sing to you {sometimes} You just look up at me and laugh... wait maybe you are just laughing at my singing!

-You love to bounce more than anything, it ALWAYS makes you happy

-You are very tickelish

-You are a very relaxed laid back baby


-You get antsy at 5, you know that is when Dad comes home. You smile when you hear his voice

-You have figured out how to put things in your mouth and do so often


-You do really well if you and Mommy leave the house from about 9-11 in the morning, I guess we all just need to get out sometimes

-You don't really like tummy time on the floor, but you love it on the couch... maybe that is softer than 3 blankets on a hardwood floor (I should work on that)


-Your cuteness forces Mommy to make up songs about you

Benton, I love you so



  1. Hi is soooooo adorable. I miss him (and you guys, too)!

  2. That picture with the hat is so cute!! Plus, you are right, he is cute even when he's crying. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! Dallin tell (and Benton) hello from us.


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