Grandma Herbert

Last week we drove to Utah to attend the funeral of my Grandma Herbert. She passed away on August 26th of natural causes. My whole family drove down to be there which was really nice.


My family moved to Oregon when I was really young so I don't have as many memories with her as I would like but I do remember spending time at her house the summers that we visited. She had a vast collection of old Avon perfume bottles in all different shapes and she would let my sister and I search through them and pick our favorite ones. They all smelled horrible after the years they sat on the shelves but we didn't pick them for their scent. I remember picking out swords, swans, lamps, dogs, and other random shapes all filled with perfume.

I have learned a lot more about my grandma's life in the past few years, it was not an easy one. I admire her for everything that she went through and did in her life. She sounds like quite the amazing woman.

Though we all wish it were under different circumstances, it was still great to see all of my Dad's family. I didn't really take any pictures though. We just enjoyed chatting and seeing each other. My cousin Tyler let us stay the night at his house, it was nice to have time to catch up with him. He and his wife Ashley just had a baby boy (on Benton's 1st birthday) so it was really fun to see him. Chet is sure a cute little guy!


We had a great time staying with them, and Benton loved playing with their dogs. He would get so excited that he would screech and stomp around, it was so funny! Then Benton tried playing fetch, but he would throw the ball right into the dogs mouth. We might have to work on that.



It was great to see everyone and celebrate the life of my Grandma Hilkina Herbert.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm starting to understand the importance of journal-writing and family history work. It seems the more we learn about a person's past the more appreciation we have for them as a person, and the more inspired we are to live a better life for our posterity. You have a beautiful family, Christy, and it's exciting that it's about to get a little bigger!


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