The past week and a half haven't been the best at our house. Lots of crankiness and sickness. It all started with the time change, it took Benton a lot longer than I would have thought to get used to it. He slept fine at night but his nap was completely off and he was just cranky. Then he got sick. That was no fun for him. But when we thought we was better he was still super cranky. I mean throwing full on fits and tantrums about everything. I was afraid that this was the new norm. Then Dallin got sick. He said he then understood why Benton was so fussy. Finally today everyone is better. And Benton isn't throwing fits every two minutes anymore, that makes me very happy! Anyway here are a few photos I caught of Benton during a minute that he was somewhat happy.




Some happier posts to come soon.


  1. Glad you're all better. It's so hard when they can't explain why they're cranky and just screaming all the time and you just don't know what to do with/for them!


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