A little Christmas

This Christmas season has been my favorite one so far. I haven't quite figured out why, but I think I have focused a little less on the presents and more on the right things. We had a wonderful church activity that really helped me thinking in the right direction early on. It also is so much fun watching Benton enjoy this season. We set up the tree and decorated it while Benton was sleeping, he loved it when he first saw it. A few days later I saw him walk into the room and say "oooohh pretty tree". It was adorable.


Surprisingly Benton hasn't messed with the ornaments or the presents yet! I am thinking that once he realizes what it inside of them, presents will no longer be safe. Luckily they won't be around for a while after that though. Here are a few more pictures of our tree.



Last year I talked about making stockings but I don't know if I ever posted pictures of them. So here is Benton showing them. Eventually I want to have our names embroidered on the top but they work great for now. They were really fun to make, I am looking forward to making another one for next year. I am thinking a penguin, or maybe a snowman.


We hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful season.


  1. Cute stockings! They turned out adorable! Glad you're enjoying the season!


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