Nice weather

I have heard a joke among missionaries serving in the area about the rain. They say, "It only rains twice a week here in Oregon. Once for three days, and once for four." During most Decembers, this is probably true. But that is not the case this year. It has rained a total of 0.1 inches this whole month! That is almost unbelievable. 

In November the rain started and I seemed to move into "it is always raining we don't go outside" mode. Then after a few clear days I finally realized that we need to take advantage of every day that it isn't raining. We took Benton to the Zoo lights without worry of rain, played outside a lot, and have gone on lots of walks to look at the Christmas lights around our neighborhood. All things that we normally wouldn't be doing during the month of December.

I know everyone wants snow for Christmas, but a rain free December is perfectly fine with me. 


  1. seriously! i'd rather have snow or dry weather (even if it's biting cold). having not much rain is a nice change for once. not quite sure how to handle being outside so much this month, lol. but it's nice!


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