11 Months

This little guy is not so little anymore. He can do so many things like take toys back that Benton took away, chase after Benton when he tries to run away, and find things that Benton has hid from him. He sure is catching on quick! He is also doing many other wonderful things like walking with his new push toy, standing up by himself, and he even knows how to use a hammer. That's my boy.


It seems as soon as they turn 5 months or so there is no hope in getting a picture with them sitting by the stuffed animal to see how much they have grown... they always play with it first! Well, it was worth a try. Maybe next child we will come up with something else...


Emmett is eating all the time these days. It's almost as if he gets bored with eating before he gets full. He isn't too picky of an eater, but he does like some things more that others. When you find something he really likes (beans, cheese, pancakes, fruit, to name a few) he will sit in his chair and eat forever. We all sat down to eat dinner the other night and he ate the whole time we were at the table and continued to feed himself while I cleaned up the whole kitchen! Spaghetti with meatballs and corn are winners!


He enjoys playing peek-a-boo, he'll often start playing without you even realizing it. I love looking over to see him peeking from behind something. He also has figured out how to play with more toys, like putting cars down racetracks and driving them around, hammering balls through holes, look at books (without eating them... too much), and how to cuddle with stuffed animals.


Emmett is a pretty fun little guy and we are enjoying playing with him as he learns new things. I can't believe he will be a year old next month! I guess it's time to plan a party and give this little guy his very own cupcake. Yum.


  1. He is getting so big and he's so smart! I bet you get it a lot that Emmett looks like you and Benton looks like Dallin, huh? So fun!


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