The Big Kid

Potty Training. What do you think of when I say those words? Well the words that come to mind for me are nowhere near as pleasant as the thoughts that come when I say potty trained. Those are the words I am sharing with you today. Benton is officially potty trained! We started last July... yep you read that right, July. I was fully anticipating accidents for a week, even two, but I wasn't quite prepared for accidents every day for 3 months. Seriously. I'm guessing he wasn't quite ready, wouldn't you agree? I think he was capable, but he cared more about playing than stopping to use the restroom. He got better during the month of September, as long as I remembered to take him all the time. But sometime in October it clicked. He got it. It's been great since then. In December he started making it through nap time like a pro and now he makes it through the night! No more diapers for Benton, what a big kid!



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