It's Music Time

Rather than letting Emmett Christmas gift be a "what we're we thinking" gift, it has really become a fun little activity for us to enjoy... 20 minutes at a time. We are talking about a musical set. It came with all the good ones, a drum, maracas, a tambourine, a whistle, a trumpet, 2 castanets, and symbols. Every time we bring it out we make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun!


Benton loves the drum of course.
Please ignore the desperate need of a haircut and the mess in the background. With all the extra toys around I haven't had the chance to get control of all of them yet. So, they're everywhere.


Emmett loves them all, he takes turns with each or plays multiple at a time. He hits the drum with the tambourine, shakes the maraca and eats the trumpet...


I'm hoping sometime in the near future to teach them a little bit about keeping a beat, but until them we all get to do what we want.


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